Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's like a movie reel

It plays on. This movie reel of your last days here with me. On and on, it won't stop. I don't want to remember that time, that pain, or the anger and hurt that pursued me for so long. I wonder if there is sadness that you are gone in the other worlds, in other lives. I know you are missed by those who loved you. They call, they ask if I am ok. I'm not, but what can I say? I'm alone and my life is forever changed. I guess they say time is a great healer, but I wish I knew how much time it takes. I can only think of what it was like, and how different it all is now. I miss you, husband mine. I talk of transplants and giving life to those who don't know about what happened to you, and I hope I am making a difference. You didn't die in vain. Others will step up to the plate, and lives WILL be saved.

If you are reading this because you happened upon this site, please become a donor, become someone that makes a difference. Read the history of my husband's illness and death, and help others live. Wether it is to donate blood, sign a donor card, volunteer to drive a dialysis patient, cancer patient, whatever you can do. It truly will be appreciated.

On June 3, 2008, my beloved husband died in my arms, surrounded by those who loved him. His legacy and love live on.

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