Saturday, April 9, 2011


I met a lovely woman and her husband...she a transplant recipient, he a loving partner. She, grateful for her gift, he, full of love and compassion. For each gift, for each uplifting moment that I have, I thank God that there are so many unselfish people out there. Oh we need more, certainly, and we need to get the word out that the gift of life is one of the most wonderful things you can do for another. Take what you need when I am gone. Give it to someone who can use it. I have no need of it where I am going.

I wish you were here. I wish that your life had not been so abruptly torn from me. I cannot change the past. I can only fulfill my promise to you. You did not die in vain, and each person that I speak with will know a little more about the gift. Each person will know how you had to leave, but they will be lifted up by the knowledge that your legacy lives on. They are inspired in the knowledge that each and everyone of us has to step up to the plate, because for each of us, there is but one chance.

I miss you terribly. I don't know if it is the budding trees that you planted, the promise of flowers, the birds who sing me awake? You were not hateful, you were devastated. You accepted your fate, but you promised me too. You promised, and I hold you to it. Yes, you left too soon, but you are here, in each gentle breeze, in each raindrop. You are here at the moment I need you.  I believe that our hearts are forever intertwined.        

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